August 23, 2011

Something Sinister

I spent the better part of yesterday following a strange sort of "delicious but hidden bakery/cafe/restaurant" map through San Francisco, splitting meals with friends so we could try as many things as possible. We went to Humphry Slocombe Ice Creamery where they had some of the strangest ice cream flavors ever. There was a "Jesus Juice" flavor that actually tasted like red wine and coke, a "salt and pepper" flavor that wasn't so great (it tasted like salt and pepper), and several other more tasty ones. We tried out Sol Food where they had a great assortment of vegan friendly entrees as well as a tasty Arnold Palmer tea & lemonade. There was a place called Cowgirl Creamery's Artisan Cheese that smelled really scary because they had so many extremely smelly cheeses, but the samples turned out to be very unique and fantastic! We visited a honey shop called "Bee Kind" where I got to try out honey from all over the world! It was very surprising how many different textures, colors, thicknesses, and flavors of honey there were. We got a bunch of donuts from Dynamo Donuts. Among those were Apricot Cardamom, Candied Orange Blossom, Bacon Maple Apple, Strawberry Earl Grey, Ginger Orange, and Open Hand Peanut Buddy. We visited a burrito place that I can't remember the name on, but it was on Mission St. and it was really good! We went to Far West Fungi where they sold every type of mushroom and truffle you could imagine. There was Boccalone Salumeria too, though I didn't try that place.

We were in the SF Ferry Building near pier 1 close to sunset and they locked us inside of the building and warned us that a large group of BART protesters were angry and outside of the building. So basically people inside were saying they wanted to get out and the protesters outside were shouting they wanted to get in. After that point in the eveining, there were numerous times I walked past groups of 30ish protesters being followed by twice as many cops.. and all the subway stations were closed.

Geoff with his wooden hand

Jo in front of a mural on Mission St.

BART protesters along Market St.


  1. This food thing sounds incredible! What an adventure!! :) Loving the photos too. Nothing like a Guy Fawkes mask to brighten my evening!