August 15, 2011

New York, France, and Six Toed Kittens

Going to Europe was an interesting experience. It really didn't feel that different from some other places I've been aside from the language barrier and not being able to use my cell phone. I got to do a lot of touristy things such as seeing museums, landmarks, and eating a lot. The most fun I had came from the simpler things though, like talking to people on the subways and wandering a french mall with my friend Devon. Did you know they sell leather converse in France?

The rainy weather forecast for the entire upcoming week prevented me from continuing on to the United Kingdom, so I bought a ticket back to California with a layover in New Jersey. Upon landing in Jersey, I asked my friend Lauren if she wanted to hang out for a few days and she said yes! So I ditched the Jersey airport while they were boarding my flight and took a train over to Manhattan. I ended up spending a week and a half in Lauren's loft in Brooklyn and meeting a whole bunch of incredible, friendly artists and going on lots of adventures. Some of these included perusing vintage book stores, seeing movies, going to a few museums, and going to the beach! On the second to last day, Lo and I were walking to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and adopted a homeless kitten with six toes. Lauren named her Lucky because she was lucky to be adopted and she is lucky to be able to make kitty fists with her extra toes. We proceeded to buy her all the kitty necessities such as litter, food, and toys. After some shopping, we continued on our journey to the museum for an awesome time.

Pictured above: Lucky the Six Toed Kitten

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