September 3, 2011

J'aime le dessin

Washboards in fashion photo shoots?

Um, yes!

Did some shooting with Robert & Bethany and their friends Emmy & Josh earlier today and it went really well! Bethany's clothes are great!

I'm heading back to New York on Wednesday to help my friend Lauren put LEDs in her Metroid costume, see Yuri's art show and to build a computer for Kevin. Oh, and of course explore the heck out of New York :3

I was at a little get together last night with some people who I've taken photo classes with and we had all sorts of geeky discussions. There was a good hour spend talking about whether or not artist statements should exist and if it seemed acceptable for a body of work to rely on it. And more time spent talking about lighting, composition, famous photographers, models, locations, yibbity dibbity, and blobbity bloooo. At one point we all shared bits of our portfolios and I realized that there wasn't anything that I wanted to show or was proud of from this entire year. My friend Jon Castillo (who taught me so much of what I know) suggested that I do at least one shoot per month for myself. Sounds good, thanks Jon!

Emmy Jones


  1. Did Bethany make all of these???? They look so good! And Emmy looks amazing with blonde hair. :)

    Matt, these are great! The lighting is awesome. I love you and all your awesome talent.

    <3 Daryl

  2. She did, and I totally agree!

    Thanks :) I really miss having you around here and talking and going on adventures. Hope Germany is treating you well