January 4, 2011

San Francisco - Take 2

I did my first shoot with a stranger from a far off city last week on Thursday. She had BLUE hair! The weather forecast said it would be overcast all day, so I thought it would be fine if we planned to shoot around noon. It turned out to be a very cloudless, sunny day however. The original spots we had planned to shoot were terrible because of the sun's location and the direction we -had- to face for the locations to be worthwhile. Since those didn't work out, we went to an abandoned greenhouse and shot some nice pictures.

We had very limited time to shoot there. Two days later, I went back with my friend Jordan. She had PURPLE hair! We added a bit more of a theme to the pictures, but took forever getting ready and driving out there, so we ran out of light much too soon.

Now I have a cold, and have almost no desire to edit any of the photos :( I somehow managed to do 3 yesterday before going to bed at 7pm.

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