December 9, 2009

Japanese Custom Bokeh

I built a custom shutter filter yesterday to create my own bokeh shape. It was my first attempt, so I didn't take into account that the lens I was shooting with was a f2.8 and the filter I made was a little larger than that. This caused the custom bokeh shape to have half-circles depending on the position of the shapes on the picture. Sooo... gotta make smaller openings in the future. Anywho, here is how it went down:

Bokeh Test1Bokeh Test2Bokeh Test3

The first picture is a Christmas tree in focus. The second is the same tree out of focus. The third is the tree out of focus with the filter on. Since the focus is really close in order to get the background out of focus, this should work well for close-up portraits. I'll be testing out a few more bokeh shots later today with my friend Anne, so hopefully that'll get the kinks worked out and I'll be ready to use this in a place with lots of lights

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