December 2, 2009

Devon Headshots

Apparently, Disney liked her headshots! Not only that, but her audition went well! All the applicants were narrowed down to a final 7, and Devon is one of them. If she gets the job, she'll get to be either Belle or Aurora at the Disneyland in Paris, France! The second interview will be this coming Monday. Hooray for being able to help out a little

----------^ Update ^--------------------------------------------
Here are my two favorite shots from the 30 minute spur of the moment headshots with Devon-


We had very limited time because the sun was almost down. Devon is submitting headshots so she can audition to be a princess at the Disneyland. Belle, of course. My friend's roomate did an internship at Disneyworld in Florida, so I'm waiting to hear what sort of headshot would be best to submit to Disneyland.

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  1. This women is gorgeous!!! She's sure to get the part. She looks like she has an amazing personality that it takes to be a princess too!!:):):)