September 11, 2012

Gramercy CLUE

My friend is making a customized version of the board game CLUE to be the apartment building we live in with a few different residents as game characters. Here are the photos we put together:


  1. Matt, this is awesome! YOU LOOK SO GOOD - and it looks like you have such cool neighbors :)


  2. this is brilliant! clue is my favorite and so i love this idea. it would be a fun halloween party too! we're your newest followers...come follow us at ! XO

  3. Thanks Daryl! I can't wait until you're back in CA and can meet everyone!! :) We'll play some board games and eat Thai food at the place down the street from my house!

    Thank you Emi! I totally agree, Clue is such a great game and I love that my neighbor thought to do this! They have weird costume parties year round up on the roof, a few notable ones were "Lost" characters from the TV show, "Firefly" characters, old-timey "Batman" characters, and the next one they're putting together is "Avatar: the last airbender". It's pretty wild, hahaha :) I'll check out your blog right now~

  4. ok, I LOVE Clue. I have to watch it each and every single Halloween. Classic. I love this idea!

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