June 16, 2010


My beloved friend Daryl is leaving to Germany for over a month! It's not -that- long... but it sure seems like it will be considering she's my creative soul mate. The other side of the world is a long ways away. Did another Pin-up calendar shoot tonight with Erin. We were going for one or two good shots, so it was pretty quick (Unless you were standing on a chair the whole time). Mad props to Ken for being such a wonderful "Slasher".

June 7, 2010

Robert & Bethany with M.E.

I just found out about this slide-show thing from flickr and how to embed it, so I wanted to try it out here.

June 2, 2010


How exciting! The movie poster I designed for "Savanna" is on IMDB!
Click Here

Here are a few teaser pictures I took for "Coldwater". My cousin Vinny wrote the script for it years ago; it had funding and was all ready to be made. But things fell through so it got put on hold. There are new potential investors for it, so it's back in the works.
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