March 14, 2010

Through Space, There is Energy

Really fun "Steampunk" photoshoot with some long-lost friends. Here's my fav from today

March 12, 2010

Faith is a passionate intuition

Project "Backyard Studio" was a success. The backdrop frame stood strong and tall, the back-lit canvas had a nice glow, and I worked out all the kinks with my strobes. The photographic goal of project "Backyard Studio" was to create controlled lighting, which we did! We were able to get soft shadows, strong shadows, mid shadows, and dark shadows. Up shadows, down shadows, left shadows, and right shadows. In shadows, out shadows, square shadows, and round shadows. Basically every single shadow. Nikki and Sophie were there for support and to be test subjects, while Garrett was there to get some acting headshots.

March 8, 2010

All Good Soldiers..

Pictures with Garrett using a $1 flight suit.


March 1, 2010

Taking pictures on semi-rainy days is great. It can be difficult, but it is well worth the extra work. You get passing clouds overhead, which constantly change the environment's lighting. It makes it so a shot that might look bad one moment will look perfect the next. It can work in reverse too, so you've got to keep moving and trying things out.


Baby On Board


You Take the High Road..

Daryl and I did our first collaborative shoot on Thursday with Sierra. It was so much easier to focus on the pictures with Daryl's help. She did all the makeup, hair styling, and wardrobe. She also directed Sierra with a lot of poses. It was wonderful, and can't wait to see Daryl either professionally direct photoshoots or pick up a camera and do them on her own. Until then, it'll be great to have her help whenever it's available :)

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